Sol-Speedi Dri

Protect against slipping and fire harzards with Sol-Speedi-Dri absorbent.

Absorption – Sol Speedi Dri soaks up all traces of oil and grease, reducing injury.

Traction – Hard granules maintain anti-slip properties and resist breakdown under heavy traffic.

Coverage – Low volume weight provides greater floor coverage per pound for maximum economy.

Dust Free – Contributes to good plant housekeeping. Sol-Speedi-Dri is the most dust free mineral absorbent today.

Easy to Apply – Lay a carpet of Sol-Speedi-Dri over oil and grease deposits, brush back and forth with stiff broom, leave for a day or two, then remove. Repeat if necessary.



Oil-DriĀ® granular absorbents undergo an extreme thermal process to increase absorption power and minimize dust. Use on oils, coolants, grease, water, and other spills.



Multi-Purpose absorbent for spill clean-up, lab packing and stabilization of free liquids.

Environmentally Friendly!

    • *made from milled corncob using patented processes.
    • Up to 500% more absorbent than clay.
    • More effective and economical!


Home, Garage, Farm, Shop, Airport, Marina. Quickly absorbs motor oils, fuels, transmission fluid, grease, coolant, water, paint and other spills.

Easy to Use!

      1. Spread or pour DRI-ZORB absorbent on the spill.
      2. Give DRI-ZORB absorbent a few moments to work. It’s fast!
      3. Sweep it up.
      4. Dispose of in complaince with applicable regulations.


Efficient disposal

Can be burned in many types of waste incinerators.

Adds 7,900 BTU’s/lb. when incinerated.

Leaves only 1.6% residual ash.

Grit-o-CobGrit-O’ Cobs

Corn Cob Granules

An Absorbent, resilient media for metal parts cleaning, polishing, deflashing, deburring, soft grit blasting and other industrial uses.

Advantages of Using Grit-o’ cobs:

        • Highly absorbent and resistant to breakdown
        • Mild abrasive, can be used on soft or hard surfaces without damage.
        • Clean, virtually dust free and it’s non-toxic.
        • 100% organic renewable resource.
        • Excellent year-round availability


A Variety of Industrial Applications

The following industrial uses are listed to provide an overview of the most common applications:

      • Deburring and deflashing
      • Tumbling and vibratory parts cleaning
      • Polishing, drying, removing oil and residue
      • Blasting media for cleaning masonry, wood, fiberglass, electrical equipment, motors and other materials.
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